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About Athletics part of www.Voorschoten97.nl

The Voorschoten '97 site uses OpenCms as its content management system.


The athletics part is based on modern web standards: XHTML 1.1, CSS 3 and javascript (ecmascript).

The main inspiration to follow the web standards comes from the book Designing with Web Standards from Jeffrey Zeldman.


The html-pages of the athletics part are intended to be compliant to XHTML 1.1: Valid XHTML 1.1

But the doctype and head is adapted to show it as HTML 5.

The site of Voorschoten '97 is intended to be HTML 5 compliant.


The  stylesheet is /system/modules/nl.voorschoten97.website/resources/css/layout_3col.css .

That css is based on the Yaml-CSS framework.

The stylesheet is css-3 compliant: Valide CSS!



There is a custom built javascript in /system/modules/nl.voorschoten97.website/resources/menu.js.

It supports the following functions:

  1. Show the current page and submenu's in the menu (based on the current page).
  2. Link to an external site using rel="external"

The first function makes it possible to use the same menu throughout the athletics part of the site, but shows always where the user is.

All menu choices point with relative links to html files in the main athletics directory.

The second function is copied from the book The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks by James Edwards & Cameron Adams.



The main tool to check for valid content is HTML Validator in Firefox .

Series of photo's are transformed using Irfanview .

Testing is/was done in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari , Opera and Edge.

To test the css and the javascript I used mainly Firebug in Firefox.


Hein van der Kallen


Za 9 dec: 7e clubcircuit SnowWorld Zoetermeer


Za 16 dec: Kerstfeest Atletiek in de kantine


Zo 17 dec: Ter SpeckeLoop, Lisse







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